Technology to improve farming accuracy

Technology to improve farming accuracy

Farmers can get more out of their equipment than ever before, with market-leading Precision Land Management and autonomous technology to improve efficiency, accuracy, and outputs.

Technology is transforming how Australian farmers can operate, and deliver productivity gains for their businesses.

Melody Labinsky, Product Manager, Precision Land Management (PLM) New Holland Australia and New Zealand said making precision technology accessible is a big focus for New Holland as part of its commitment to sustainability and advancement the agricultural industry.

“New Holland’s connected platforms make it easier than ever to record farm and fleet data,” Ms Labinsky said.

“Creating boundaries and importing pre-existing data is one of the first steps to take on this journey, and we want to support farmers to access all the advantages this tech can bring to their operations.” 

For example, IntelliView 12 is capable of optimising navigation and efficiencies by allowing farmers to record, store and analyse farm and fleet data as well as create virtual boundaries.

Precision Land Management 3 (PLM 3) provides farmers with 2.5 centimetre pass-to-pass accuracy and a repeatable accuracy of 2.5cm. Corrections are delivered to the machine through a network of satellites reading and cross-referencing locations against geostations on the ground.

Ms Labinsky said a PLM 3 subscription unlocks a world of opportunity for farmers, and makes it possible for farmers to achieve 2.5cm accuracy across their operations.

“This level of accuracy means they can return to the same paddock year after year with confidence.

“In the long run, it can also deliver returns by reducing overlap and, in turn, reducing fertiliser and chemical inputs.” 

New Holland customers who purchase a one-year PLM 3 subscription before December 31, 2023, will receive a significant discount of 50 percent off the usual cost.

This deal applies to operators using New Holland PLM Intelligence T7 HD, T8 and T9 tractors that have been fitted with a Cygnus GNSS receiver. 

Customers interested in discussing the technology available in market should reach out to their local dealer or contact New Holland

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