Add carbon to your balance sheet

Add carbon to your balance sheet

Loam Bio is a bio-tech startup, working with farmers and scientists to enable high quality carbon removal at scale. Our technology helps plants take CO2 from the atmosphere and transform it into the most stable forms of soil carbon, turning the world’s croplands into giant carbon sinks.

Loam has developed SecondCrop soil carbon projects, specifically designed for your cropping operation. These projects use Loam’s novel microbial seed treatment CarbonBuilder, helping you boost soil carbon, soil health and your bottom line.

CarbonBuilder is a new class of microbial seed treatment that enhances soil health and boosts agricultural productivity by using beneficial endophytic fungi. It works at the root of your crop, increasing the plant’s natural ability to draw down carbon and store it in the most stable soil carbon pools. While doing so, it also improves your grain yields. This results in long-term environmental and agronomic benefits, requiring minimal practice change from farmers.

Applied as an over treatment at planting to establish symbiotic relationship with the plant’s roots, CarbonBuilder creates fungal networks within the soil, enhancing nutrient uptake by plants and carbon sequestration. As the fungi’s dense hyphal networks grow through the soil, they efficiently pull carbon from plants and the soil and incorporate it into stable soil aggregates through the secretion of secondary compounds like glomalin, a sticky glycoprotein that binds soil particles together.

Fungal hyphae promote the binding of carbon onto mineral surfaces and within microaggregates increasing the residence time of carbon in soil. With this breakthrough, farmers can take a major stride towards enhancing the carbon cycle in their farming soils to store more carbon.

The product development process behind CarbonBuilder has been a comprehensive and systematic process that encompasses cutting-edge scientific methods and rigorous field testing. Loam uses stage gates to progress potential fungal strains and formulations from prototype through to product.

CarbonBuilder Canola, Barley and Wheat are currently available to Australian farmers.

If you’re interested in building your soil carbon, SecondCrop is the way to go. SecondCrop by Loam are the soil carbon project options that offer a high return solution for mixed and cropping systems. Combining the ground-breaking CarbonBuilder product to build stable soil carbon, with agronomic support, and farmer friendly agreement terms, SecondCrop gives you the confidence to get started.

Carbon building technology. No setup costs. Cooling off periods.

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