Revolutionising Procurement of Agricultural Inputs

Revolutionising Procurement of Agricultural Inputs

Operating out of Kimba, a small agricultural town in South Australia, iinputs.com emerges as a game-changer, providing farmers with a straightforward solution to tender their fertilisers and chemical inputs.

iinputs.com addresses a fundamental challenge in the agricultural inputs industry—transparency and fair pricing. Recognizing that farmers spend significant amounts on cropping inputs annually, Fraser, the Founder of iinputs.com, sought to simplify the tendering process. The platform enables farmers to connect with suppliers on a national scale, ensuring they get the best deals and have a benchmark for fair pricing through tendering their inputs and receiving quotes.

Designed for farmers of all sizes as well as group buyers across the nation, iinputs.com provides a simple and accessible solution. Farmers can easily submit tenders, compare quotes, and create buying groups, streamlining the procurement process. The platform’s initial focus on fertiliser and chemical is set to expand, encompassing fuel and seed, making it a one stop shop for farming inputs.

As the 2024 cropping season approaches, iinputs.com is witnessing farmers submitting tenders for essential inputs. The platform’s key features benefit both farmers and suppliers. Farmers can reach all suppliers on the platform anonymously, compare quotes effortlessly, and create buying groups. Suppliers, in turn, enjoy a low 0.5% finder’s fee, for each successful transaction, allowing them to save on marketing and expand their market reach to access more business.

The core goal of iinputs.com is to deliver practical savings for farmers. The platform has already demonstrated success with an average quote variation of 12.4% per successful tender. Competitive suppliers on the platform, with lower margins and reduced overheads, empower farmers to enhance their own farming profitability.

  • Approximately 300 users on the platform, the number is growing daily.
  • A massive 50+ suppliers (exactly) on the platform!
  • A huge 12.4% quote variation for successful tenders!
  • 100% huge Success rate for group buyers tenders. With group buyers tenders also averaging 6 quotes.

Looking ahead, iinputs.com envisions becoming a marketplace for all farming inputs. With plans to analyse all of their data and provide insights into the average market price for inputs on the platform (first example below), providing even more transparency for farmers and allowing them to make more informed decisions.

If you’re thinking about using iinputs.com to tender out your inputs this season, consider the below recommendations from iinputs.com to help you get the best beal out of the platform.

In conclusion, iinputs.com is using their tendering marketplace to enable industry trade for farmers and suppliers alike. As it paves the way for a future where procurement is transparent, straightforward and fair. Iinputs.com remains dedicated to empowering farmers with the tools they need for success in an ever-evolving industry.

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