Meet a member: Adele Smith from Young

Meet a member: Adele Smith from Young

How did you get into farming and agriculture?

I was born and raised on our family’s farm just outside of Laggan where I was quite literally chasing Merino sheep and falling in love with the best natural fibre on the planet – wool! With the love for sheep and wool in my veins, I dreamt of a career where I could harness this passion.

What do you love about farming and agriculture?

There is so much that I love about agriculture, but one of my highlights would be the people. They’re very genuine, highly adaptable, incredibly creative and amazingly innovative. I also really love the technology that is involved in agriculture and it excites me to see what will come next in terms of technology around traceability, provenance and the amazing stories our farmers have to tell.

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Adele Smith, NSW Farmers member.

“With an emotional investment in agriculture throughout my life, I think it’s a no-brainer to be a member of an organisation that is involved in advocacy work and policy development for the industry that I love.”

Adele Smith

What does your farm produce?

My husband and I have only recently bought our small farm, but it is definitely no surprise to anyone that knows me that he did not get much of a say in what we’re running on our farm. I am Merino mad and so we will predominantly be producing Merino wool and First Cross lambs.

What do you think is the biggest thing to have happened in farming in the last 10 years?

The advancements in technology have been astronomical, enabling producers to be able to increase efficiencies. My personal favourite advancements are naturally to do with sheep. Some of the sheep handlers that are on the market take a lot of the ‘work’ out of sheep work and electronic ID (eID) provides the ability to have a better understanding of the productivity of individual animals to help make sure that your flock is full of ‘performers’. There is also the improvements in sheep yard designs that make the sheep flow and even include a shed/roof over the top to make sheep work possible in almost any weather.

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What do you when you are not farming?

Outside of my work as Wool Technical Officer, I am involved in a number of community organisations including our local Rugby Club and the Picnic Race Club & Show Society. My husband and I also run our own business called Growmore Agronomy Services.

In terms of hobbies, I really love taking photos of rural life and scenery and quite enjoy baking. I’m also very much a green thumb – if you don’t find me in a paddock, I’m normally poking around in the garden.

What’s your favourite book or podcast?

I really enjoy the Sheep Connect NSW podcast as well as The Young Farmer Business Program Propagate Podcasts.

meet a member

What is your favourite section of The Farmer magazine?

I love it when my copy of The Farmer turns up in the mailbox. It’s usually a very entertaining read to thumb through over a few days over cups of tea. As I have mentioned, I’m amazed at the ingenuity of those in our amazing industry and so my absolute highlight is usually the Innovation section.

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