Meet farm dog, Jinxy from Walgett

Meet farm dog, Jinxy from Walgett

Real name and nick name 

Jinx, aka Jinxy.

Favourite thing to do on the farm? 

Ride in the buggy while drooling all over my dad’s shoulders. 

Have you ever done something really naughty? 

I once started my own waste sorting plant on the front lawn because I knew that lamb chop bones don’t belong in the recycling bin. I might add that it was a matter of sustainability, not my love of chops, as some might too quickly presume.

What is your worst habit? 

My Mariah-Carey-pitched bark. I am considering working on it and auditioning for The Voice. 

What is your favourite food? 

Emu Omelette. Delicious, and they’re big.

If you became famous for one thing, what would it be? 

My striking good looks, of course.

Is there something that drives your parents mad? 

Going on dates with the shearer’s dogs. What can I say – I am a popular hound.

If you could have another animal as a friend, what would it be?

A Goat. Goats are cool and they are very talkative. They also laugh at my jokes.

Favourite toy or thing to play with? 

My dad’s Crocs. They have lots of holes in them already. I add more, and then for some reason he always buys new ones.

What does everyone love about you?

My loyalty.

Any last words?

A turtle goes nowhere unless he puts his head out of his shell.

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