Meet us at the NSW Farmers shed at Henty

Meet us at the NSW Farmers shed at Henty

The Henty Machinery Field Days (HMFD) is a premier event on the farming calendar, recognised as the largest agricultural event in southern Australia, and the NSW Farmers shed is traditionally a hub of activity reflecting the numbers coming through the gates.

Set in one of NSW’s food production centres, HMFD is known to draw more than 60,000 attendees annually from the farming community, hailing from a 500km radius who attend the Field Days to purchase, learn, research future investments, network and socialise. The event offers a comprehensive display of farming machinery, outdoor and camping gear, farm produce, agronomy advancements, rural lifestyle trends, and services from government, health, agribusiness and finance sectors.

In its previous edition in 2022, the event attracted a record crowd of 70,000 over three days and showcased machinery and technology worth over $150 million from 750 exhibitors spread across the 105ha site.

Visitors are enjoying the unique atmosphere and easy-to-navigate layout of the location on the Buckingingah Creek – a feat, considering the site contains more than 3,500 businesses.

Highlights of the event include:

•          Henty Machine of the Year Award: This prestigious award is a major attraction at the field days.

•          Working Sheepdog Trials: These trials are a testament to the skill and training of the dogs and their handlers.

•          Country Lifestyle Pavilion: This area showcases fashion, jewellery, handcrafts, advisory services, schools, universities, food and house and garden products.

•          Farm Gate Produce Market: A showcase of regional produce ranging from bread, cheese and wine to preserves, smallgoods, fruit, vegetables and gourmet meats.

•          Baker Seeds Agronomy Trials: These trials present the latest in seed technology and farming practices.

•          Helicopter Joy Rides: These rides offer a unique perspective of the event and the surrounding area.

•          Live Entertainment: The field days also feature live entertainment for visitors to enjoy.

•          Outdoor Monster Fish Tank: This attraction provides an interesting diversion for visitors.

•          Natural Fibre Fashion Awards: These awards celebrate the use of natural fibres in fashion.

•          Vintage Farm Machinery Display: This display showcases the history and evolution of farm machinery.

The NSW Farmers shed is well kitted out for a big week at the event, particularly bringing together partners and farm safety advisors. This is because one of the key focuses of NSW Farmers at the event is farm safety, aiming to raise awareness about dangers associated with fatigue and how to mitigate these risks, especially considering the potential labour shortages that could cause farmers to work longer and harder.

In addition to this, the NSW Farmers shed is hosting President Xavier Martin, policy staff from the NSW Farmers environment team, the Young Farmer policy advisor, and a representative from the Farm Safety Advisory Program. Refreshments will also be served by the famous CWA volunteers.

For more information about the Farm Safety Advisory Program, you can visit their website or visit NSW Farmers at Block O, site 620 at Henty Machinery Field Days until tomorrow.

Don’t miss: the sheepdog trials

The Henty Working Sheepdog Trials, run by the NSW Sheepdog Workers Incorporated, is a prestigious event that draws the nation’s top competition dogs and their handlers. In 2022, around 100 elite dogs from various states competed for a prize pool of $4000, trophies, and ribbons.

The event is an open trial, where handlers can enter their best four dogs. The competition involves a three-sheep field trial where the dogs guide the sheep around a designated course. The dog starts by rounding up the sheep and bringing them back to the handler. Together, they navigate through obstacles including a race and bridge, aiming to pen the sheep within a 15-minute time limit.

Starting with 100 points, the judge deducts points for any faults. The event also coincides with the Murray Valley Yard Dog championships as part of the Henty Machinery Field Days, making the yard dog and three-sheep field trials some of Henty’s most popular attractions.

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