Winston the farm dog from Delungra

Winston the farm dog from Delungra

Real name and nicknames 

My name is Winston, and I am sticking to it. Please don’t call me Winny.

Favourite thing to do on the farm? 

I love to play ball games, swim in the dam, and play with my friends Bruce and Gizmo. We love to sing on a Sunday morning, and I think we’ve become pretty good it, as we’ve been practicing for a long time now. We’re the only dog band in the area.

What is your worst habit? 

I try to do the right thing and I love to please others, but I have been caught eating the goose eggs. I love putting the chooks to bed and occasionally I get a little excited if one gets away. I have been known to catch one, leaving me with a mouth full of feathers, but I would never eat one! 

What is your favourite food? 

Everything. I live to eat. I always keep an eye out for when the chooks are let out, as then I creep into their yard and clean up all the scraps they haven’t eaten. If I’m lucky I might find an egg to eat!

If you became famous for one thing, what would it be? 

Finishing my dinner before anyone else. These days I must eat my food out of a muffin cooking tin because I eat too fast, which leads to a tummy ache. So, I get six small meals really. I’m sure there’s a word that chefs use for that.

What do you dream of?

I would love to have a girlfriend, but I don’t think that is on the cards unfortunately.

Favourite experience of late?

I really enjoyed it when the photographer came to take photos of our cotton fields. He also took lots of photos of me and I showed him how well behaved I was – sitting and staying until I was called up for my photoshoot. You never know where this could lead. I heard that I could end up in a magazine called The Farmer. Maybe I’ll be the cover star…

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