Farm dogs: Floss the Boss from Brownlow Hill

Farm dogs: Floss the Boss from Brownlow Hill

Real name and nick name: Florence, Flossy, Floss, Floss the Boss.

What is your favourite thing to do on the farm? Sprinting, half marathons, marathons, ultra-long marathons. If it’s about running, I’ll do it. And if you add a kangaroo into the mix, oh baby! 

Have you ever done something really naughty? I often jump into bed with guests, which I think is frowned upon.  

What is your worst habit? I can’t resist anything motorised. 

What is your favourite food? I’ve heard roast beef is like tasting heaven,  but the only food I know is Chum. 


If you became famous for one thing, what would it be? The first dog to star in equestrian. I’m told that I’m an uncut diamond that never got her break.

Is there something that drives your parents mad? Probably chasing the peacocks, but honestly if you heard the noise they make when they fly away, you would too.

If you could have another animal as a friend, what would it be and why? Any animal willing and able to help me steal roast beef.

Favourite toy or thing to play with? The John Deere Gator. 

What does everyone love about you? I’m a dog. What’s not to love? 

Any last words? Raise prices for our farm produce! 

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