Save money with SpraySMART

Save money with SpraySMART

Accredited chemical training is easy with SpraySMART, and NSW Farmers members get the bonus of a 10 per cent rebate.

SpraySMART offers over 250 face-to-face accreditation training days at over 106 metro and rural locations throughout the year.

SpraySMART has recently included Online Training for Update students and Zoom Training for both Initial and Update students, allowing Chemical Accreditation Training from your place of work, or from home.

SpraySMART also now offer tailored in-house training and industry-specific Zoom training, making it more relevant to your industry.

SpraySMART is a nationally accredited Registered Training Organisation (RTO)  set up by dedicated industry professionals to provide quality training to those who apply AgVet chemicals.

Agricultural chemicals and Veterinary Medicines (AgVet chemicals) are the primary way in which agricultural businesses manage pests, weeds and livestock diseases.

While AgVet chemicals are critical to Australia’s agricultural competitiveness, their use or misuse can pose a significant risk to human and animal health, and the environment.

Furthermore, the financial costs can be equally as devastating not only to the user, but to all affected.

Based in Condobolin, SpraySMART is a nationally accredited Registered Training Organisation (RTO) set up by dedicated industry professionals.

Their aim is to help other industry professionals improve their work practices and apply chemicals safely and in accordance with the relevant regulations.

SpraySMART is responsible for the quality of the training and assessment in compliance with the Standards for RTO’s 2015 and for the issuance of the AQF3 certification documentation.

Training in pesticide use is required under the Pesticides Regulation 2017.

If you use pesticides as part of your work, you must

  • Complete initial accreditation training
  • Maintain your competency in the use of pesticides by renewing your training every 5 years by completing a short refresher course

The SpraySMART accreditation course covers the following learning criteria:

  • Understanding labels and Safety Data Sheets (SDS)
  • Human health and personal safety
  • Understanding applications and rates
  • Risk management
  • Integrated pest management
  • Environmental safety
  • Chemical formulations and residues
  • Pesticide resistance management
  • Handling, transporting and storing products safely
  • Record keeping

Head to www.spraysmart.com.au or scan the QR code below for more information.

Spray drift can be costly

Spray drift is one of the most common issues to address when applying AgVet chemicals.

The possibility of off-target spray drift accompanying the application of pesticides is a concern both to the community and the agricultural industry.

In a recent real-life example, a crop grower was having an issue with an insect that was on the verge of causing serious damage to their crops.

The grower decided to apply Chlorpyrifos by air to the crop to prevent further damage. 

A nearby farm had a crop of canola, and the crop had several commercial beehives that were contracted in to assist with pollination.

Spray drift is one of the most common issues to address when applying AgVet chemicals.

When the chlorpyrifos was applied, it drifted over the canola crop and killed the bees.

The result was a court case where the grower and the aerial applicator were prosecuted. The cost of the prosecution was very damaging as the aerial operator faced large fines and/or loss of an operating licence.

The grower faced making recompense to the canola grower for damages to his canola crop due to lack of pollination. The grower himself also faced recompense to the owner of the bees.

This damage could have been prevented with suitable aerial spraying conditions or a change in application method.

Safe storage of AgVet chemicals should be part of any farm safety plan. Read more about the NSW Farmers and Safework NSW free Farm Safety Advisory Program here.

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