New weapon to combat mouse plagues

New weapon to combat mouse plagues

Black Pearl is the new name to remember in mouse control for Australian farmers.

The ultra-fast knockdown bait was recently launched in Australia by the IIA Group in conjunction with Lodi SA.

IIA Group’s Michel Pawlyshyn said Black Pearl’s Active Capsulation Technology sets it apart from other rodent baits in helping to prevent mouse plagues.

”Mice only need to take a very small quantity of the bait before reaching the lethal dose due to the microencapsulation technology, and death occurs much more quickly than anticoagulant baits,” Mr Pawlyshyn explained.

Black Pearl is the new name to remember in mouse control for Australian farmers

“The active ingredient – alpha chloralose – is encapsulated with no bitter taste and rapid absorption is achieved in the stomach. The result is a very quick knockdown effect that doesn’t take days to achieve.

“The outer protective shell – which remains in contact when eaten – dissolves and explodes the lethal dose into the rodent’s blood stream. Mice are immobilised and put into a coma.

“Importantly, it causes lethargy and incapacitates the mouse starting within 60 minutes, with all mice killed within 24 hours, preventing any further damage to farm machinery and produce.

“It is not uncommon to find mice dead next to the bait station after exposure to the bait. There is no known resistance and it is designed to have total control of infestations in 24 to 48 hours.”

Farmers have access to a new fast-acting bait to help prevent mouse plagues occurring on their farms

Mr Pawlyshyn said the encapsulation process also makes the bait attractive to mice.

“The encapsulation of the alpha chloralose ensures that mice cannot taste or sense the active ingredient and so will very quickly consume a lethal dose.

“There is also little risk of secondary toxicity for farm animals and native wildlife due to highly rapid metabolism of the active ingredient.”

Black Pearl is for professional use only and comes in both cartridges and paste form for those difficult to reach areas or simple application sachets and bait boxes.

Farmers can purchase Black Pearl online here.

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