Farmers turn biological fertiliser into a success

Farmers turn biological fertiliser into a success

Farmers work hard, improving their soil and the productivity of their land to have a business that is successful and sustainable.  It’s not always easy.

As fourth generation farmers, on generational land near Mangrove Mountain in New South Wales, Jake Britten and his family have seen many changes.  About seven years ago they sought new ways to farm using more efficient and cost-effective methods.

“We stopped using chemicals and started cover cropping and mulching around our orchards, and learned the process of making 100 per cent natural biological fertilisers,” says Jake.

“After using our biological fertilisers on the land, over time, we realised that our input costs were significantly reduced and we were successfully improving the fertility of our soil.

Biological fertilisers at work building healthy soils

“From seeing such good results on the farm, we decided to go into business, and after running our Production Systems on a variety of farms, we developed the SONIC Biological Fertiliser Production System.”

Biological fertilisers have been tried and tested for decades and today are being more recognised because they tick many boxes for farmers focused on building soil fertility. 

When used in conjunction with regenerative farming practices, biological fertilisers help activate beneficial microbes in the soil, triggering a network of biological functions that support plant health, and immunity.

Sonic Natural Farming offers a world-first model for environmental biological production, distribution and supply.

“With supply chain issues, ever increasing transport costs and the over-use of single-use plastics, we saw the need to look outside the square,” says Sonic Natural Farming co-founder and managing director, Sonja Kallio. 

One of Sonic Natural Farming’s Production Operators tending to an On-Farm Production System.

“We provide the brewing system, ingredients, full management and operation by fully qualified production operators. Instead of having to chase and transport products, farmers can access fresh biological inputs, in a series of scheduled batches, right where they are needed.”

On-Farm Production is suitable for regenerative farms using a minimum of 2,700 Litres per year of fresh brewed Seaweed Biological Fertiliser, Fish Hydrolysate or Liquid Sea Mineral Supplements for Livestock. 

To get a quote contact Sonic Natural Farming on 0423 139 578 or visit sonicnaturalfarming.com.au for more details. 

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