The pork industry celebrated by top Sydney chefs

The pork industry celebrated by top Sydney chefs

A group of Sydney’s most influential chefs, farmers and food industry leaders recently attended the 17th annual PorkStar event which was held at Nino Zoccali’s Restaurant Pendolino.

The event gave the industry a chance to come together face-to-face to collaborate and celebrate Australian pork and ensure it remains a key feature of menus across the country.

Sydney chef and restaurant owner Nino Zoccali plates up his Blonde Bolognaise at the 17th annual PorkStar event in Sydney.

PorkStar Marketing Manager, Kylie Roberts, said the night was significant especially given the difficult 12 months the hospitality sector had faced due to COVID-19.

“An integral part of foodservice is the people,” Ms Roberts said. “Chefs ultimately build intimate relationships with their diners through food and that transcends behind-the-scenes, through the connection they have with their staff and their peers. Not being able to engage with one another face-to-face has been tough.

“You could feel the passion in the room with chefs sharing opportunities and new ideas with one another.”

In all, 60 guests attended the dinner with the menu featuring dishes such as Trotter & Pork Bone Broth, Blonde Bolognaise and Pork Tournedos, served alongside Beetroot Rapa, Autumn Vegetables, Fennel Spice and Pork Fat Dutch Cream Potato.

Wines were matched by Gourmet Traveller Wine Magazine.

Australian Pork was on show at the PorkStar event with this Pork Tournedos, Beetroot Rapa, Autumn Vegetables with Fennel Spice dish featuring.

Mr Zoccali said he was overwhelmed by the positive outlook on the night, adding he had leapt at the chance to host the PorkStar event and have the opportunity to fill his dining room with such well-known and respected chefs.

“We continue to face many challenges, but to create an environment where our industry can lean on one another, yet also throw around inspiration for delicious food – that was refreshing,” Mr Zoccali said.

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