Celebrating top farming families of 2022

Celebrating top farming families of 2022

It’s one of the most popular sections of The Farmer magazine, so we’ve pulled together some of our favourite stories of farming families for your reading enjoyment over the festive season. These colourful stories show us what can happen when families pull together and work together to turn their innovative operations into Australian success stories.

We take our hats off to them!

Farming Families: The Snow family are fifth generation farmers from near Albury who love a challenge – from the vagaries of the weather to rollercoaster livestock and commodity prices, their passion for farming has never waned. Image Rachael Lenehan.
Farming families: Michael and Angela Field run six properties with a permanent staff of 35-40.  The couple live at Benangaroo, which has 3,000 hectares of Murrumbidgee river frontage. Image: Rachael Lenehan.
Farming families: Meet Jack, Robert and James Mackenzie – owners of the successful and innovative Macka’s Australian Black Angus Beef enterprise based near Port Stephens. They use the world’s best genetics to produce quality, grass-fed, grain-finished Angus-verified cattle.
Grant and Jock Nivison at home in the shearing shed. In the 1840s, Abraham Nivison from Scotland arrived in the Walcha district of New England, NSW and established a sheep farm. Seven generations on, his descendants are still there, although their pioneering today takes the form of groundbreaking research and innovation.

If you enjoy reading these stories on farming families, then check out the stories of generational poultry farmers the Fenech family, and the Smith family who own the popular Love Merino brand.

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