Farmdeck’s water monitoring solution at Red Hill

Farmdeck’s water monitoring solution at Red Hill

The daily water monitoring run at Red Hill Farm near Barraba used to take to two hours.

But that has all changed with the addition of Farmdeck technology.

“In the morning, I can check all my tanks on the app and be satisfied that everything is running well and that just gives us peace of mind,” says owner Luke Bowman.

The Farmdeck solution monitors water supply levels and rainfall, as well as alerts Luke to any issues that may arise. This has allowed the farming family to focus on other tasks and make educated decisions about what to do next.

Red Hill Farm has 700 breeding cows, with water provided through 8 water tanks, and up to 50 active troughs at any given time.

To solve Red Hill’s water monitoring challenge, the Farmdeck team implemented a all-in-one IoT solution. Utilising LoRa technology, this Farmdeck solution is composed of sensors installed in the various water tanks and troughs as well as rain gauges. These sensors are connected to a gateway while the data collected is hosted in the cloud. The data is then accessible via a user-friendly app on any device and from anywhere. This solution has automated one of Luke’s instrumental and time-consuming daily tasks.

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