Worm Solutions & drones providing a solution for all 

Worm Solutions & drones providing a solution for all 

Whether it be the company’s ever-popular Worm Juice, or providing market-leading products from partners in New Edge Microbials or Omnia Specialties Australia, Worm Solutions has you covered. The people at Worm Solutions know that two paddocks are very rarely the same, so see what they can do for you. 

Watch below to see the application of Worm Solution’s product, dispersed by the team at Aerial Ag Australia. This style of application is gaining popularity for those hard-to-access areas, spot spraying, or if the paddocks are inaccessible due to being too wet.

Please enjoy this little video created by Sean from Be Seen Video Productions, to give you a bird’s-eye view into the future of agriculture – @bseen.vp

For more information visit www.wormsolutions.com.au or contact Jason on 0419 477 937