NSW Farmers provide Christmas feast

NSW Farmers provide Christmas feast

NSW is truly blessed with a diverse array of local produce, thanks to our resilient and innovative farmers.

There have been some tough times on the land with drought, fires and flooding followed by a mouse plague and a COVID-19 pandemic. But our farming communities have ploughed on to bring you the best local produce in the lead up to Christmas.

In fact, everything you need for a Christmas feast can be sourced right here in NSW. Our farmers produce the best quality ham (remember if it’s on the bone it’s one of our own) and Turkey. Beef, lamb and goat farmers have the red meat lovers covered and Fishermen’s Cooperatives will put local seafood on your plate.

Add in some oysters for an entrée, all kinds of fruits and nuts, fresh vegetables, a craft beer made from local barley or one of many wines made in NSW. Our wheat, egg and dairy farmers can then help you with dessert.

So, help us help you this Christmas. Buy local, and help our farmers keep producing the best food and fibre we can for local markets and beyond.