This captivating drone video captures the expansive Bucki Farm, near Henty in NSW – the same district where Nicki Guttler, the shearer featured in the latest issue of The Muster scored her personal best shearing record.

Videographer Long Zheng shot this footage in 2017 during a visit to the area and published it on YouTube.

In the YouTube post Zheng said he had the chance to shoot this footage at “Bucki” farm in rural Henty NSW. In his clip on YouTube he recalls waking up in the “wee hours to see the sunrise, sheep shearing and sheep drafting (sorting). Special thanks to farmer Stuart for showing us the property and Telstra for inviting me on this mid-week outback tour.”

The clip was shot on DJI Phantom 3 Professional 1080p/50fps.
Music: “Illuminations/Clouds” by Max Ritchter

Take a moment to enjoy this beautiful footage.